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Rozlynn Renae Presti De Giovanni

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22 December
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I am 23 years old, female, engaged...living in hot humid Florida.....My love is dogs, my favorite breed is a Borzoi, I went to school to become a Veterinary Assistant, which I could be working in a clinic pursuing that, but I changed my mind, and decided Architectural History was much more amazing to me.....So I went to college for a while to study that.....Than I met a man who I thought I was going to spend the rest of my life with (Not the man Im engaged to now) and that turned out to be a mistake, so that did not happen, and Im glad it did not....I was searching for something and found it when I became a Christian and accepted Jesus as my Lord and savior....God sent the man Im with now to me,(Who happens to be a minister) to bring me to the Lord and save me from a path of destruction....Alot of work is being done on me, but the process is a good one.....Im amazed everyday on what I am faced with and how I deal with things now, as opposed to how I dealt with things in the past......If anyone wants to know more please ask....